East Sweden

Welcome to East Sweden!

What you'll find here is what we ourselves call a bold tradition of innovation. Part of its soul lies in Linköping University, another in our science parks and a third in our global industrial corporations.

Close to half a million people live in our part of the country; it's where you'll find about 40,000 companies and its geographical location is one of Sweden's best. From here you can reach the majority of people in Scandinavia with your delivery within 24 hours. 80 per cent of Sweden's population are within 400 kms of here. 

A few examples of what East Sweden has to offer:

  • Norrköping Port is a full service port, and in 2012, almost 4 million tonnes of goods were handled through the port.
  • A leading position in the biogas area. We sell knowledge and technology to the whole world. There is a national biogas centre at Linköping University, and in Linköping and Norrköping a unique eco-cycle operates where waste and residues become resources again.
  • East Sweden (and Linköping University) is in many respects a world-leader in visualisation. A few examples are medical visualisation, virtual environments, information visualisation and culture. This is where you will find northern Europe's most modern Dome cinema at the Visualisation Centre C. The internationally acclaimed visualisation table – where everything from virtual autopsies to urban planning can be visualised – was designed in the region.
  • We are behind world-class, unique know-how in printed electronics in the Printed Electronics Arena.
  • East Sweden is the hub of Swedish aerospace-related industry and development. Here you'll find the base for Aerospace Cluster Sweden, spearheaded by strong players such as Saab. Sweden's only aircraft manufacturing takes place in Linköping. Its associated cluster gathers together over 60 high-tech companies. Over 18,000 people in the region work with aerospace-related activities.
  • Outside of Linköping is also where you will find the Vreta Cluster which is a unique skills hub in green industries.
  • Developed partnerships between New Tools for Health, the county council, municipalities, Nova Medtech, Lead, the university and our science parks aim to commercialise products and services to solve the future's needs for human health and care.

You can find more facts and statistics about East Sweden here.