East Sweden

Aeronautics – research and development at the cutting edge of technology

Here, world-leading technology in a variety of aerospace-related areas is being developed, and today close to 20,000 people work in the Aerospace cluster.

For over 75 years, our region has been the leader in aircraft development and is where Sweden's only aircraft manufacturing takes place. Ever since Saab began its aircraft manufacturing in 1937, most Swedish aircraft within the Swedish defence forces have been developed here. This long-standing tradition has created a solid skills base, in both the civil and military aviation sector, and has led to a large number of interesting spin-off effects including the start-up of Linköping University and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

A strong growth cluster

Aerospace Cluster Sweden gathers together some 60 technology-intensive, aerospace-related companies and other organisations. Together, they constitute a strong growth cluster spearheaded by defence and security corporationSaab. Surrounding this cluster are a number of energetic organisations that are supporting and developing Swedish aerospace-related technologies in a variety of ways.

Sweden's national enterprise network for air navigation services Luftfartsverket (LFV) is located in Norrköping. LFV is one of the major players in Europe in the field of air navigation services. In addition, the Swedish Transport Agency's head office is located in the region as well as the Swedish Defence Research Agency, which is one of Europe's leading research institutions in the fields of defence and security.

Cutting-edge research and education

Here you'll find absolute cutting-edge research and education in technology. Linköping University and LFV have jointly invested in training experts in air navigation services through a unique course for air traffic controllers at the University. This course is highly regarded and the employment prospects for licensed air traffic controllers are good. The programme in Air Traffic and Logistics is the only way to combine academic and air traffic controller certified studies in Sweden. Under a special agreement, LFV will source the majority of its air traffic controllers from this programme in the future.
 Read more about the Air traffic and logistics programme at www.liu.se or www.bliflygledare.now.

Sweden's first school of aviation was founded in Linköping, and today trains the Swedish Air Force's future fighter pilots.

Read more about the region's strong aviation cluster at www.flyghuvudstaden.se!