East Sweden

Logistics - one of the Nordic region's best locations

It is no secret that efficient logistics strengthens competitiveness. It is also no secret that East Sweden ranks as one of Sweden's two main logistics regions, and the most important one on Sweden's east coast. With our strategic location in Sweden and with excellent transport connections to Eastern Europe, East Sweden is a natural link to limitless possibilities. From local to global. From smaller to bigger markets. From vision to real growth.

Well-developed infrastructure with a rapid logistics flow, very frequent services and traffic and intermodal transport connections. Among other things, Norrköping has a newly expanded container terminal. From the region, you can reach the majority of the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian populations with delivery within 24 hours via road transport. In addition, large parts of Finland's population can be reached within the same time period by road and sea transport. Stockholm can be reached in less than two hours, Gothenburg in less than three and the Sound region (Öresund) in four hours.

Linköping University, which is the leader in Scandinavia in research and education in logistics management, is a guarantee for strong core competence. Along with excellent access to qualified staff and with competitive costs for land and skilled labour, we stand strong in comparison with other metropolitan areas.

The region is a particularly suited as a logistics hub for consumer goods that are to be distributed to Scandinavia and the Baltic States from a central warehouse point, as well as for distribution from central warehouses to industry customers in Sweden, in particular products for the manufacturing industry.