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Visualisation - world-leading research and a unique science centre

Visualisation is based on the human being's unbeatable ability to interpret images. By translating complex data into images, we can make large amounts of information easy to comprehend, understand and use.

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World-leading research and development

In many respects, Linköping University is a world-leader in visualisation. Focus areas within this profile area are medical visualisation, virtual environments, information visualisation and culture. Leading this activity is Professor Anders Ynnerman, internationally recognized for his research in visualisation. Norrköping has northern Europe's most modern dome cinema at Visualisation Centre C. The dome cinema, along with the Centre's exhibitions and science talks, offers breath-taking knowledge and experiences in interactive and visual media (IVM).

Flagships - visualisation table with many applications

The virtual autopsy table is a new and intuitive way to interact with large three-dimensional medical images. The table, which has been produced in close interdisciplinary cooperation between the Interactive Institute, Visualisation Centre C, CMIV, Linköping University and Norrköping Science Park, is now being exhibited as part of the National Museum of Science and Technology exhibition "100 Innovations".

The virtual autopsy table has attracted considerable international attention and has been demonstrated all over the world, including at the World Expo in Shanghai. Through the company SECTRA, this innovation has been launched on the international clinical market and is now also available for public repositories of knowledge such as museums and science centres.
The virtual autopsy table is revolutionising both medicine and visualisation 

New tool for urban planning

In the Urban Explorer project, visualisation tools for working with urban planning in the future are being created and explored. The project aims to inspire actors working with urban planning at different levels and in different industries – everyone from decision-makers and customers such as public actors and real estate companies to suppliers such as architects and construction companies. At the World Expo in South Korea in 2012, the Urban Explorer Table was exhibited to the whole world.

Urban Explorer is a project at the Visualisation Centre C and is being run as a joint project between Norrköping Science Park, the urban planning office at Norrköping Municipality, and Hyresbostäder i Norrköping AB under the leadership of Interactive Institute C-Studio.

New tool for information visualisation

Leanviz is a visualisation tool that is based on information visualisation. It helps organisations to get employees more involved in the daily management and follow-up of the business. Leanviz enables visualisation of a process, from its entirety down to the details, in one and the same tool.

Strong cluster for interactive and visual media

The cluster for interactive and visual media currently brings together around 60 members. The member companies operate in a broad spectrum ranging from media, advertising and film production to game development, 3D-animation and electronics design to mention a few. 

Through its close relationship with Linköping University and Visualisation Centre C, Norrköping Science Park has created a climate that supports innovative entrepreneurship and enterprise development in which applied research, students, media technology and media content are important components. Recruitment help, arrangement of exam projects, seminars, interdisciplinary meetings and newsletters are examples of services provided to cluster members.