East Sweden

Why wait to realise your dreams?

Johanna Nordung Omnell and Karin Denfors from design and communications agency Edit & Björnen on what it's like to be young entrepreneurs in the East Sweden region.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

We are Johanna Nordung Omnell and Karin Denfors, and we run the business Edit & Björnen. We met when we were studying Graphic Design and Communications at Linköping University's Norrköping campus. We did our exam project together and then later when we finished our degrees, we thought: "Why not? Let's do it!" Why wait to realise your dreams?

Our company, Edit & Björnen, is a young design and communications agency with its headquarters in Norrköping. You could say that we work with producing creative and strong communications with a personal touch. Since we started in August 2012, we have done jobs for everyone from MoDo Hockey to Tjejjouren – and we have also won an award as the marketing rising star in the region! 

What's it like to be young entrepreneurs in East Sweden?

It really feels like this is a growing region! The big range of culture on offer and a business-friendly environment, with a number of different meeting places for entrepreneurs to get together, makes it a lot of fun coming in as young and new. We have received a lot of support and encouragement from other businesses in the region. 

Have you had any contact with the East Sweden Enterprise Support system?

Among other things, we have had a good contact with Norrköping Science Park and we completed their start-up course – in fact, a great idea for all new entrepreneurs!

How does it go, working from Norrköping with customers outside the region?

It works brilliantly. Norrköping is very well located – it is easy to get to Stockholm, Gothenburg and almost anywhere in the country. We generally find that it is great fun to travel away and work with customers who are not in the region. And the same seems to apply for our customers that come from outside the region to us – we often hear that it's so beautiful here in this old industrial landscape. 

How is it going combining running a business with all those other things that we all want to have time to do in life?

It probably helps a lot that we are very good friends, even in private. We know each other very well and we are sensitive to when the other needs a break. But the main thing is that we love what we do – as a self-employed person, you live with your business more or less day and night. 

Edit & Björnen

Johanna and Karin from design and communications agency Edit & Björnen tell us about what it's like to be young entrepreneurs in a growing region.