East Sweden

We provide the impetus you need!

It should be easy to start a business in our region. We provide practical support to those who have just started a business so that you can focus on your company's development.

We facilitate your contacts with the authorities, and with other businesses and organisations. A good start is to contact the Nyföretagarcentrum (Enterprise Agency) or trade and industry office in your municipality. From there, you can get initial help with the questions and challenges that you are facing.

East Sweden Business Region also offers targeted training courses for new entrepreneurs. An example is Start Up where, together with experts and other entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to develop your business concept and take the first steps towards a new career.

There are also business incubators, for example, LEAD and Wahlink that are just perfect once you are up and running.


Erik Åqvist

Nyföretagarcentrum (Enterprise Agency)

+46 (0) 13 25 30 60


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