East Sweden

In Focus

Here are some live examples of areas that are in focus in the region at the moment.

Stadium keeps people and goods in constant motion

Despite Stadium’s Norrköping background, it was never self-evident that it was precisely here that its central warehouse would be built. But when thorough analyses and advanced academic calculations clearly showed that the sports retail chain’s best location for its logistics was in East Sweden, no one was disappointed. The central warehouse is the vibrant heart of the company’s operations, and supplies more than 150 shops with goods in a constantly circulating flow.

Norrköping gives Rusta "very excellent value for money"

When the retail giant grew out of its Småland warehouses and decided to invest in a whole new central warehousing solution, the hunt began for the best possible location. It turned out that Norrköping was well equipped for Rusta.

East Sweden perfect for SoffaDirekt

Selling furniture is nothing new. It's been done in all ages, in all parts of the world. But that new sofas and beds are only a push of a button away, with delivery time roughly the same as a letter – that's an example of hyper-modern e-commerce, operating from Norrköping. Reducing costs and minimising delivery time were top of SoffaDirekt's wish list in their choice of establishment location.

Siemens - clean power and energy

A modern, high-tech, world-leading production facility set in the historic, scenic milieu in and around Finspång Castle. The setting conveys a clear feeling of centuries of success. The glaring contrast between the past and the present serves as a reminder of the long tradition of important business operations that have had their headquarters in Finspång: the small industrial town with great local, regional and now global importance.

Business environment rich in skills and innovativeness

With research and innovation, with skills and competitiveness. This is the business environment for those who want to invest in the future.

Strong business sector drives development

Are you also looking for optimum solutions to grow in Sweden, the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe or globally? East Sweden is where you will find a business sector to match your needs.