East Sweden

So, you're thinking about moving here?

Fantastic! We're sure that you're going to feel right at home. We're expanding at a rapid pace right now, so it's truly a great time to be moving here. Let us tell you all about it.

  • Expansive region
  • 170 000 career opportunities
  • Find your dream home

At the center of action

The starting point for the East Sweden region is Östergötland and the cities of Linköping and Norrköping. In fact, we’re not so picky about the map of our region. Why not? Well, because we live in a globalized world where curiosity, knowledge, and innovation move borders. Just like in East Sweden.

Four growth areas

We've got companies of all sizes operating within a wide range of business areas. When highlighting a few industries that we're particularly proud of, we usually talk about our four growth areas; visualization, aeronautics, logistics and cleantech.

You can read all about our growth areas at our East Sweden Business website.

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But will I be able to find a job?
Of course you will!

170 000 Career opportunities

We like to think of East Sweden as an expansive region of innovation and knowledge.
We've got everything from huge international business groups, to small startup companies – a lot of them in hi-tech industries. There are 170 000 job opportunities within a 45 minute commute, and that's not even counting the 13 000 jobs created by the construction of the high-speed railway service Ostlänken

Jobs for your loved ones

We'd love to help out in any way we can. Start out by looking up our networks and meeting places.

Check out Linköping University – one of Sweden's largest institutes of higher education,  with campuses in both Linköping and Norrköping.


And what about education?

The future East Sweden

Our region keeps expanding at a rapid pace. At this time, we've got a number of exciting projects coming our way.

East Link ProjectC LinköpingNext:NorrköpingMjärdevi Science ParkNorrköping Science ParkWahlbecks business park

Linköping – Stockholm in 65 minutes


In the year 2017 the East Link project kicks off – a high-speed railway service connecting Stockholm and Linköping.

The East Link will be Sweden's largest infrastructure project to date, contributing to the further expansion of our region.

C Linköping – Linköping's inner city is growing


Linköping is changing. Nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but there are currently general plans being made for the city's on-going development. The inner city will cross over the river, where the new district of Stångebro will make room for residences, commercial spaces, sports facilities, town squares and parks.

The heart of the district will be the river Stångån. Stångebro will also house the new central station, serving as a commuter hub. With the upcoming East Link running through the city, travelling times will be shortened and the job market will grow. Keep up with the development at www.linkoping.se/clinkoping

Next:Norrköping – The journey towards the future


Norrköping's journey towards the future has begun. In the upcoming years, the city will be going through a big transformation. The East Link, the new high-speed railway that will run through the city, will enable traveling to Stockholm from Linköping in just 75 minutes. At the same time we're building two new city districts. 

The first one is the inner docks area, which in a few years time will be turned into a natural part of the Norrköping city centre. The inner docks district will offer buildings of varied architectural styles as well as beautiful waterside views along the docks of the canal. Get updated at www.next.norrkoping.se.

Mjärdevi Science Park


Mjärdevi Science Park is a professional environment aimed to bring companies closer together. The science park is characterized by world-renowned, high-technological, innovative and successful companies. It's part of Linköping's knowledge- and science cluster, 

which provides access to world leading research environments, attracting expertise from all over the world. Mjärdevi Science Park truly lives up to the Linköping city slogan: "where ideas come to life". See www.mjardevi.se for more information.

Norrköping Science Park


Discovering and stimulating new business opportunities is perhaps the strongest driving force behind Norrköping Science Park. We create the right conditions for companies to set up, expand and establish themselves, and we specialize in companies in interactive and visual media.

Through our project and development arenas, as well as our unique test environments, we form a natural hub for stimulating innovations in Norrköping and the entire region. Read more at www.nosp.se.

Space for innovations


The New Wahlbecks business park serves as a hub for many of Linköpings know-how companies. Currently the park is in the middle of an expansion phase, which will bring 50 000 m2 of new office space to the innovative companies of the region. 

Read more about Wahlbecks Business Park and other cluster environments active in the region at http://www.sanktkors.se/vara-fastigheter.

Innovations and entrepreneurship

Meet the people of East Sweden, who've followed their dreams, exceeded their goals or just followed their own path.



A corporate vision of an active life


Linköping Municipality

Twin cities working together


Linkin AB

The right conditions for running a creative business



Part of the Norrköping visualization cluster

But are there any places to stay?
You bet! What type would you prefer?

Affordable living

We think that you might be surprised by how inexpensive cost of living can be here, compared to in some of Sweden’s larger cities. The average price of a detached house in the region stands at 1,8 million SEK. That's half the price of a house in Stockholm. That means great potential for finding your dream home.

So what type are you? And how do you want to live?

Big-city Bella

Archipelago dweller Adnan

Countryside Carol

Homeowner Harry


Chances are that you'll find your dream home right here. Exactly where you choose to live probably depends on where your priorities are. Find your home with booli.se.


No matter where you choose to stay, getting to work is never a hassle. These are our most common commuting routes.


Basically that's why we think you'd really like it here. Sounds interesting? We hope so.

We're ready when you are.